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Dr. M Suresh Babu

One of the trustees at the helm of the Sri Sakthi Amma Tribal Welfare Trust stands Dr. M. Suresh Babu, a dynamic leader serving as the Director of Sripuram and the Trustee & Correspondent of Sri Narayani Schools. 

As a devoted advocate of Indian culture, Dr. Suresh Babu strives to preserve and promote the rich heritage and traditions of the land. Through various initiatives, he encourages students to embrace their cultural roots, fostering a deep sense of pride and identity.

Under his visionary leadership, the trust embraces innovative teaching methodologies, modern infrastructure, and a holistic approach to education. Dr. Suresh Babu's transformative vision and tireless dedication ensure that the trust remains at the forefront of providing quality education and holistic development opportunities to underprivileged children.


 Through his exemplary leadership, he inspires the entire community to join hands in empowering the next generation and shaping a better tomorrow.


Dr. M. Suresh Babu was born on 21.11.1974, the second son to Mr. D. Meenakshi Sundaram and Mrs. M. Gowthami Ammal. Dr. M. Suresh Babu is a native of Vellore and currently resides at Sripuram, Sri Narayani Peedam. His father, Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram, was in the hospitality and restaurant business in Vellore and a successful businessman. Inheriting his father's business acumen, Dr. M. Suresh Babu is a successful entrepreneur.

From a young age, he recognized and accepted Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma Narayani as his Spiritual Master. Dr. M. Suresh Babu is the Trustee and Director of Sri Narayani Peedam, Sri Sakthi Amma Educational Trust (Sri Narayani Schools - CBSE and Matric), Sri Sakthi Amma Tribal Welfare Trust and Sri Sakthi Amma Ancient and Holistic Health Care Trust. 

●    In 1996, Dr. M. Suresh Babu took over the family-run restaurant and improved operations by managing debt and implementing operational modifications.
●    From 1998 to 2002, he founded a firm to export Indian handicrafts, successfully doing business in more than six countries.
●    In 2002 he founded a firm that manufactures paving blocks and created a flourishing business specializing in real estate and property development 
●    From 2014 to the present, Dr. M. Suresh Babu has been Chairman and Managing Director of Subhasree Ayurvedha Pvt Ltd, a business specializing in Ayurvedic items, herbal beverages, organic food products and supplements, and cosmetics intending to foster and encourage conventional Indian treatments for health and wellness.

He has a Postgraduate degree in Public Administration, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for his social work and regularly practices Sri Vidya Upasana (A set of rituals considered as Brahmavidya as it gives supreme knowledge). Dr. M. Suresh Babu is a devoted supporter of Sri Sakthi Amma and played an essential role in realizing Sri Sakthi Amma’s vision for Sri Narayani Peedam. He also oversaw the construction of Sripuram, the largest Golden Temple in the world and an architectural wonder that opened in 2007. 

In 1992 Dr. M. Suresh Babu was given an administrative position in Sri Narayani Peedam, where he quickly prioritized innovation and delegated many responsibilities to deserving and talented people in the community.

 Under the guidance of Sri Sakthi Amma, he also conceptualized many public welfare programs and spearheaded the development of the Sri Narayani organization, which helped bring much aid to communities most in need. Initiatives in education, health, family welfare, women's empowerment, employment for rural youth, environmental conservation, promotion of arts and culture, the revival of Indian heritage, waste management, and many additional projects that directly benefit the local, underprivileged rural population have all been developed and implemented.


Under his role as the Director of Sripuram and while heading the engineering department, Dr. Suresh Babu oversaw the construction of the Shanti Mandapam and the Yagashala among other projects. 

Dr. Suresh Babu has also been responsible for overseeing the construction of artistically designed  temples, beautifully executed by artisans using traditional techniques. These include Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple, Sri Srinivasa Temple, Sri Sakthi Ganapathy Temple and others. 

The  Golden Sri Swarna Lakshmi idol, Silver Ghomaata Idol and Silver Sri Sakthi Ganapathy Idol have been consecrated in the Sripuram temple under his guidance. 

Dr. Suresh Babu also oversaw the construction of the Sri Narayani Vidyashram, Sri Narayani Vidyala, Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre, and Sri Narayani College & School of nursing.



Following the advice and direction of beloved Sri Sakthi Amma, Dr. M. Suresh Babu has spearheaded many charitable projects benefiting people in need. Among them:

  1. Ghoshala which houses more than 600 cows

  2. Gho Dhaanam the donation of cows to poor farmers, priests, and the needy is performed every year to create a sustainable livelihood for them.

  3.  Narayani Seva. These include the Arogya health care, blood donation camps, and medical camps organized regularly 

  4.  Sri Jyothi Swaroopni. Many temples with tremendous spiritual and historical value have been dilapidated in Tamil Nadu's villages. With Sri Sakthi Amma's vision and guidance, Dr. M. Suresh Babu has helped to revive these temples, upholding crucial cultural heritage.

  5. Punarjanma: An initiative to provide employment opportunities to women so they could live dignified lives.

  6. Mathru Ganga.  As the region suffers from a severe water deficit, Sir has also taken steps to develop and implement a program for providing drinking water to locals throughout the sweltering summer months. Under the Mathru Ganga program, drinking water is pumped from the Palar river through a 20 km-long pipeline and is supplied to villagers who do not have a water supply. 

  7. Sri Narayani Peedam regularly donates essential items like clothes, bed sheets, blankets, and groceries to the underprivileged in rural and tribal areas.

  8. Kalyani: With the divine blessing of Sri Sakthi Amma, Dr. M. Suresh Babu organizes marriages in its temple premises for local families.  The charitable trust covers all expenses.

  9. Sri Narayani Kala Peedam: A cultural platform to promote arts in society. Dr. M. Suresh Babu brings artists to perform to showcase their talents.

  10. The tribal welfare program was designed and implemented in the Javadhu Hills and surrounding villages. Since 1997, more than 10 lakh saplings have been planted in the villages of Vellore and Tiruvannamalai Districts, as well as nearby hills and forest trails, as part of Amma's ongoing mission to help tribal people live in their habitat, pursue education and preserve nature.

  11. Green Sakthi Environmental program was also the brainchild of Dr. M. Suresh Babu. Established in 2012 and launched by the late Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the former president of India, by distributing 300 fruit-bearing seedlings to more than 1638 local panchayats in the districts of Vellore and Tiruvannamalai.

  12. The free food distribution program called "Annadhaanam" is being implemented. The food hall provides hot, nutritious meals to 6000 visitors daily. 

  13. A recurring program run year after year has been developed for the donation of clothing to deserving tribal people and the rural community. For farmers below the poverty line, Dr. M. Suresh Babu has established a cattle donation program to assist them in living respectable lives.

  14.  A women's self-help organization called SAMMM (Sakthi Amma Magalirmempattu Maiyam) was initiated to create a sustainable business model that would create employment that improved the social & economic well-being of society while also developing a variety of products, from clothing to pooja items.

  15. In Sripuram, Sri Narayani Peedam, Sir had developed & put into practice the ZERO WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, which follows the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle model to properly segregate all of the waste that is gathered from the campus & the nearby villages.

With the Divine Blessings of Our Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma and under the leadership of Dr.M.Suresh Babu, the following honors and distinctions have been bestowed upon Sripuram Sri Narayani Peedam:

  • Exnora International's "Green Temple Award" was given for maintaining Sripuram Golden Temple, a Green Campus.

  • Exnora International created "Golden Temple - Green Temple," a Temple for the Environment and Temple of the Environment for the Sripuram Golden Temple campus.

  • The Vellore Rotary Club has given the institution and the nearby villages the "Green and Clean Environmental Award" for their upkeep.

  • International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001: 2008 certifications awarded the Quality Award to the first temple.

  • "Promising Youngster Award" for charitable contributions from Vellore Fort Rotary Club.

  • The Alama Abacus-Mind arithmetic training organization awarded the recipient the title of "Best Correspondent of the Schools" in appreciation for their academic achievements.

  • Presented with an "Honorary Degree of Doctorate" in 2016 for services to the Academy of Universal Global Peace's field of "Social Works" (USA)

  • Director M. Suresh Babu received the Life Time Achievement Award in 2020 from Alama Abacus, recognizing his accomplishments, and the "Outstanding Leadership Award" from Alama Abacus for his inspiring and impressive leadership skills.

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